Trauma Hiding

Trauma Hiding

Kids never come forth with their emotional trauma, because they fear destroying relationships and they think they are to blame.


This blockage persists throughout their lives until an experience reopens the initial wound. There is no real education on how to manage the confusion, complexity, and importance of healing these wounds.

We are not taught how to manage toxicity, we are only taught what’s right and wrong in the eyes of society. We are taught to respect our elders even if they are ill-wishing people.

Angry, resentful people behave in unfavorable ways, because they are wounded within. These people enter loops of punishment, isolation, and further grief. These reactions are then transferred to surrounding people and situations.

I believe that many problems lie right in this foundation. The mental health stigma and the labeling of trauma survivors as weak outliers also contributes to the issue. By the way, if you live on Earth, you are a trauma survivor in one form or many.

Trauma Healing


If something needs to be blamed, blame the trauma. It is impacting day to day function, attitude, and connection to others.

Where are the structural reforms to the internal human systems?

Denial is the single most important contributor to the continuation of problems.

Trauma hiding also leads to inner victim mentality. It is easier to hide behind inability than to come to terms with what’s required. Especially, if the process is taboo or stigmatized.

Healing is propagandized as woo woo, as elitist, and “not for me, I’m a factual person”.

Emotions are never communicated in their true essence. This means that some things are frequently left untold and kept within.


Trauma confrontation and healing is the difficult path. The easy one is denial and fake happiness.

The Art of Soul Growth | Soul Threshold

Forgiveness is giving up the hope that the past could have been any different.

Oprah Winfrey

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