Emotional Turbulence

Emotional Turbulence is part of the human experience, along with suffering and feelings of pointlessness.

The Victim or The Watcher 

The person, who chooses to surrender to emotions, becomes a watcher instead of a victim. Victims resist, watchers allow. We cannot choose who we love or who we hate nor can we choose who reciprocates. We can simply choose how we react.

Reactions vary from person to person, depending on their worldview.

The conflict driven society we live in is the result of the masculine, emotional evasion paradigm.  The workplace mindset instills in us a sense of passive aggression and internalization, which helps only to cast out the inevitability of having to deal with irritants in the future.

The masculine perspective, defensive and reactive, is suitable for fast-paced, competitive environments. However, not all facets of life are competitive.


Ideally, individuals can identify when and where the feminine approach or the masculine approach is most applicable.

The feminine approach values vulnerability and emotional listening, even at the cost of appearing weak. Both perspectives have their pros and cons, which is why integration of the two can yield a more holistic, life perspective. From well-matched couples to self-actualized individuals to the balance of everything in nature…the search for balance is a defining feature of all human encounters with self and with others. 

We seek what will complement us, but that can also be found within.

Massive Shifts Form

Social conditioning, nature, and nurture contribute to the way a person learns to navigate his or her unique composition of masculine and feminine energies.

Emotional turbulence has always been a stimulus for unhealthy self-medication, self-destructive dating patterns, and overall impulsivity in life decisions. Young generations are more connected and more aware of their emotions than their predecessors. There is exponentially more information on the web and in conversation about understanding the mind, body, and soul connection. Go society!

Inner Peace

There is no quick fix to understanding this connection. Payment of careful attention to the way we react and to the ways in which we can improve our self-relationship, is a broad way to explain this process. 

Once again, your version of reacting to unprecedented situations is incredibly unique, but there are many other people experiencing the same exact thing through different circumstances. This is the true bond of humanity.

When a turbulent mind and wounded heart surrenders to grace, breathing is easy.

T.F. Hodge