Soul Evolution

Soul Evolution

The Soul Evolution System


Understanding soul evolution requires us to step out of the narrow self-pitying view we hold of our lives. Three-Dimensional energy is all about facing radical extremes and opposites to process lessons and face connections. To see beyond the suffering and trauma of constant opposition, we must review the lessons that were the result of pain.

Facing the dark to experience true light, watching wars on tv followed by comedy shows, and holding on to good moments only to turn into sad realizations are just examples of the soul search tests we must face to gain understanding of individual and collective meaning.

The planetary learning methods are a different sort of education system, beyond grades K-12, beyond grades in general. This school of thought is merit and work based, complete equity. The natural default of learning is one of experience, processing, and the creation of a new method. Each person must do the work. *each soul must do the work

Soul Evolution

 We are all students here in this plane, this is the plane called utopia by marxist thought. It is an ideological, emotional, and collective place. Each and every soul is facing his or her lessons, supporting one another in doing so. The current systems here can never fathom the profundity of this vast, hierarchal, education system. The current state of affairs pushes soul into themselves, feasting on self-doubt. And maybe this a massive polarity to be faced by everyone. 

Soul Evolution recognizes the inner and outer conflict confronted by each and every solitary being by rewarding the soul with a lesson.

It’s intuitive


Only through mental introspection and emotional healing can the lesson become consciously aware to an individual.

These are tentative steps to uncovering and grasping soul lessons:

  • Courage to confront trauma
  • Analysis of perception that resulted from incident
  • Creation of new, more constructive beliefs
  • Integration of lessons into new perception

You know what bothers you, what hurts you, and what you can do to change that. The process of healing and lesson learning is quite intuitive, once you let it happen. It’s silly that the soul needs permission to be recognized.

Healing is becoming trendy, because there’s genuinely no more hedonism nor corruption that can be sold. I hope it’s honest and true in all its manifestations. I hope that the healing is real, reaching lessons deep into the souls of those who wish to follow a path of healing.

Soul Evolution

Each soul is here to try another time, another time to elevate itself to a new vibration. Some souls come back to help others and other souls choose to surrender to the confused mind.

I observed the back and forth within myself, between the dualities and the lesson that lies between each pole. I felt like a flag hung up, only to be flung from side to side by the mighty winds of nature.

And then “Eureka!”, I saw the connection and felt the difference. I started focusing on the lessons being handed to me like an outline to my life. Getting access to these lessons is a hard process, but the soul becomes stronger and stronger. These are eternal lessons. Eventually, the soul rules the mind and behavior. This is the highest good you can achieve for yourself, your environment, and the world at large.

The soul is superior to the mind, it may be part of the mind, commonly called the Higher Self. 

The soul is consciousness, it is a combination of individual lessons, collective lessons, and planetary lessons. 

Evolution results from well learned lessons. To evolve, learn the lessons by removing the film of denial or victimization as the result of suffering. 

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When truthful knowledge is dispensed, soul growth is accomplished every time, for all parties involved, in every situation.

Molly Friedenfeld

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