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Liz Soko
Liz Soko

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Shame and Guilt guide us towards our True Selves, because they are important components of self-evaluation. 

We rely on society, the people around us, and our own moral conscience to construct our perspective. Sometimes, we take the bad and leave the good when it comes to our self-image and how much we expect of ourselves. This is the result of low self-awareness, which can be increased through introspection and healing.

Shame and Guilt are constructive emotions that lead us to moral conscience, as long as they are not programmed to defeat the individual spirit.


Shame is internal (self blaming the self) and guilt is the connection between behavioral reflection and social standards.

The story of Adam and Eve is a metaphor for the relationship between God and humans. They were punished for disobeying absolute rule and were expelled from the Kingdom of Heaven.

Adam and Eve probably felt shame and guilt at the same time, because they were responsible for their behavior. But, their punishment was not induced by any other human.

Often, however, people who experience shame have adopted a position of low self-worth due to a traumatic event where they had little control. They blame their appearance, their intelligence, their success, or their whole existence for being involved in something degrading.

Bullying, narcissistic abuse, religious dogma, and social engineering are all methods that contribute to increased shame in an individual. These are typically linked to power dynamics and unresolved conflict within the perpetrator.


Here are a few ways we can extort ourselves from shame/guilt cycles that are linked to out of your control (OOC) experiences:


1.) Gain awareness of the situation

-recognize that somebody hurt you and it was not your fault

-take responsibility for the reactions and emotions you carry in response to it

-separate the pain you feel from being the cause of it

2.) Understand that shame/guilt are natural human emotions

-Shame and Guilt have become the product of being a part of socialized civilization

-Originally, these emotions were directions to or away from God (consciousness)

-They are not to be manipulated by any other human

3.) Identify if you feel shame or guilt

Are you ashamed of how you look, the things you like, or how you behave because of your own behavior?

Do you see yourself as unworthy because of something you have experienced or because somebody made you feel that way? (society, parents, or other individual)

Do you subconsciously feel responsible for OOC events in your life? (appearance, orientation, family, or trauma)

4.) Affirm your value

You are not responsible for anybody else’s behaviors.

You were born into this body and destiny for a reason.

You are responsible for you actions, decisions, and perspectives.

You are an empowered individual who chooses wisely.

Your worth is not determined by how others view you.

You can react to your emotions in a positive way by identifying them, transmuting them, and channeling that energy into beautiful things. (art, exercise, communication, leadership, creativity, etc.)

Always seek the help of a licensed professional in addition to online resources.

Shame and Guilt

Soul Threshold-The Art of Soul Growth

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