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Inner truth is a natural, moral reference derived from ancient wisdom and human evolution, that creates a boundary and centeredness within this human life.

You can be a product of your city, state, country, neighborhood, gender, race, and religion. Yes, you can stay between the boundaries of a standardized test or bureaucratic form. Or you can dig deeper into your soul and free thinking mind to extract more creative or unique values and beliefs.


Many people struggle with high expectations due to highly opposing thinking patterns. There is no reason why you can’t combine opposites into your own unique whole. But, the only way to feel secure in your duality is to communicate with inner truths.

The unique combination of left and right, divine and masculine, and chaos and order you may be is your personal inner truth. A personal inner truth is based off of general themes and concepts, handpicked by your conscience and/or intuition.

Qualities of Inner Truths:

  1. Philosophical in nature
  2. Impersonal, can relate to every single person
  3. Connections made from analyzing religion, politics, and society in general
  4. Spiritual realizations linked to personal experiences

Examples of Inner Truth:

Belief in a Higher Power

Good is the ultimate pursuit of the human

My soul is infinite, but my body will come to an end

My mission in life is to get as close as possible to love


Inner Belief

Comparatively, this journey inwards is referred to as the first step on a quest towards authenticity.

Once you are more comfortable in recognizing what you believe in innately, you can boldly communicate it to those around you, whether in-person or through social media.

“Showing up” and “being authentic” are trendy words that refer to this process of becoming more aware of our beliefs and living out those truths in our daily lives.


How to Discover Inner Truths:


Meditation– helps us live in a judgement free space so we can see both sides

Learn many mindsets– prevents us from becoming narrow-minded

Study different belief systems– observing philosophy and theory can help us define our own spiritual ideas

Broaden influences– communicate with various like and different minded individuals to get different perspectives, which you can evaluate and combine

When you are aligned with your inner truths, your actions cannot be wrong…they can only be perceived as wrong. 

When you are aligned with the parts of yourself that you like most, you will not care about what other people think. Nothing can beat your efforts of boldly stepping into your true energy.

Bliss and joy come in moments of living our highest truth --- moments when what we do is consistent with our archetypal depths. It's when we are most authentic and trusting, and feel that whatever we are doing, which can be quite ordinary, is nonetheless sacred.

Jean Shinonda Bolen

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