Finding the Light

Every situation has a little or a lot of light in it depending on how tunneled vision is. Finding the light is about exploring the reasoning for a style of reasoning.

Your whole day sucks, you spilled coffee on your white blouse, the email was delivered late, or your partner misread your intentions…that’s it, you can’t wait for the day to be over.


Our minds take us far away from all flecks of good if we allow their usual patterns to sweep us up into destructive storms. Hold on, there are other mindsets and ways to confront isolated situations. The bulk of hope, positivity, and long term happiness is riddled with mishaps and mistakes.

This feedback loop of failure is a mindset trap. And there is no hack. What you must do is what you want to do least. You must confront the roots of why you developed the mindset you wear.

The Process of Finding Light

I’ll ask you a few questions to help investigate your roots:

-When was the first time you experienced something being torn away from you? Who did you blame?

-How did you react when someone told you that what you are doing was wrong?

-What negative trait do you find yourself pinpointing in people?

-Who is your role model and why? What does that say about your own motivations?

-Does it seem easier to give up rather than to sit through a situation and think critically?

The answers to these questions are the guidelines for self-discovery in the context of mindset. Our mindsets are a combination of self-protection and what we feel worthy of pursuing. Often, negativity is a sign that we do not feel worthy of positivity and success.

Negativity is a strategy to ignore the hard work.

This way of thinking makes negativity a good thing and its recognition becomes the first step to steering decisions in a better direction. Finding the light means swimming in the darkness. Your negativity is already pretty bad,  how much more could you fear?

Constructing a Better Mindset

Observing negativity and its place in our lives often leads to more negativity and regret. This is phase one. However, that does not mean you are stuck in a regret and guilt loop!

The process remains the same…Inquire, Observe, and Judge Objectively. Another mindset to dissect.

I know this is hard, because we are subjective creatures and identify with selves. I am the athlete, I am the business person, I am the artist, I am the writer, I am the humorist, and I am the motivator. You can have many selves that do not conflict with one another.

The brightest light in life is acknowledging the multidimensionality you are capable of.

Remember, mindset creation is a process as well as a healing journey. Take as much time and energy as you need to excel to another level of understanding.

Finding the Light

Mindset management is synonymous to the up-leveling of consciousness. Where do emotions come into play then?

The emotions you allow yourself to experience are directly linked to the mindsets that are fed through thoughts. 

Your thoughts hold the key to emotional fulfillment through mindset management.

For the passion people | Soul Threshold

We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.


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