Different Types of Awakening

Different Awakenings | Mental vs. Spiritual

The different types of awakening unveil themselves when we are ready to explore new ideas, beliefs, and attitudes.


The Two Main Types

  • Mental Awakening
    • political/religious illusions
    • past trauma psychology
    • personal limiting beliefs
  • Spiritual Awakening
    • emotional trauma healing
    • connection to Higher Self
    • expanded sense of consciousness
      • connection to intuition, to other people, and to nature

There is a misconception about awakening, that it is a one to one shift, without a messy middle. However, it is all over the place. The trajectory of awakening can be compared to the twelve-step AA program. There are relapses to previous mindsets, self doubts, and complete disillusionment of meaning and value. This is all part of the process. It is challenging and mentally draining, but a part of you, the soul, knows that you will not be whole without it.

Spiritual Awakening

Some, particularly men, awaken to the mind first and journey on to their heart-centered awakening and compassionate selves afterward.  Women, contrarily, may experience a soul based awakening first and integrate the mind afterwards. But, there are many variations between and around, because masculine and feminine energy exist in different concentrations regardless of the gender of a body.

Feminine energy is soul-based, intuition driven, and creative. Masculine energy is rational, intention driven, and reality centered. The two different awakenings coincide with these distinctions.

However, “men” need feminine energy to reach balance and “women” need masculine energy to reach balance. I realized all of this when I finally reached my threshold of mental awakening. That’s what I was missing… I was missing the mind as a useful component of the soul. Men, contrarily, may be materialistically very successful, but search for more depth and connection to the divine.

More Awakenings


You can awaken to a new truth everyday if you want. You can awaken to  appreciate the power of the sun, the power of your body, or the power of choice.


  • Self-Love– bringing awareness to the gap between the soul’s perfection and the mind’s appreciation of it
  • Nature– embracing the “flow” of energy between the human form and the form of organic elements
  • Ancient Wisdom– connecting modern day troubles with those of the past
  • Physical Awakening– bringing the mind closer to the body in diet and fitness

There are so many wonders to bring awareness towards and the instructions are lodged in your Intuition.  Try not to judge what it is communicating to you through the prejudiced mind.

Keep looking for the light in each situation and soon you will become the light.

For the passion people | Soul Threshold


A single event can awaken within us a stranger totally unknown to us. To live is to be slowly born.

Antoine de Saint-Exuper

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