Becoming the Artist

The artist journey does not have to be full blown release into the unknown. It can just be small additions to your normal routine that expand the ability to express and communicate emotions and ideas.

I was never told that writing, creating, and communicating were a career possibility. I found this path on my own and it was difficult, but it does not have to be.

Currently, the education system does not emphasize possibility in the creative fields. Students give up on their natural talents and forms of expression before they can even explore them.



I was conditioned based off of a strict math/science direction and was told that’s where money and success were. I have seven daily journals filled with philosophical thoughts and deep realizations. Still, I looked at this as a side thing, a release.

But, who said that natural draw to release cannot turn into a career? Society.

I read over some of my English essays just recently and was shocked by my ability to make connections and express them in a highly understandable way through writing.


Theoretically, you could have an analytical job and many side passions, but I see that as wasting hours on something that is out of alignment with my character. This works for many people, though.

Some people are naturally data driven, some people are naturally creative. But, all of us are a combination of the two. The question then becomes a combination of two things

A) What do I enjoy doing and what brings me the most fulfillment?

B) What am I most talented at or what will force me to put all of my time and energy into developing?

This will look very different for everyone, but the journey for each of us is similar. This is how communities, especially among artists, form. Ideas, advice, and mentorship are abundant within these communities of people who felt alone and found that they are not. Your journey can be linked with many others or you can choose to explore on your own.

I am not saying I’m a brilliant writer or a creative genius…but, how will I ever know if I don’t give my full attention to what I enjoy most?

Our definitions of art are too narrow to begin with. To me, Art is anything that helps to reflect inner awareness into an external piece. This can be a math equation, a conversation, a speech, a poem, a joke, or a physical practice. Confining art to museums and high ticket prices enabled it to become concentrated in the hands of a few. The artist became a person with sales value.

Becoming the Artist

This is the one thing that cannot be confined at all. In other areas, we need boundaries and rules. 

When it comes to expressing in a healthy way, there should be no judgement or approval seeking.

I do believe things are moving in the right direction and artists are beginning to step into their power. I also believe that companies are starting to see the need for deeper communication. I believe that people are beginning to understand how individual expression is.

The Art of Soul Growth | Soul Threshold

Art evokes the mystery without which the world would not exist.

René Magritte

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