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Heart Based Living through Introspection + Healing

Holistic Mind, Body, And Soul Healing through Introspection + Self-Discovery

Loving the bodies we were born in and learning to view our past experiences as life lessons are the two routes that Soul Threshold believes ultimately lead to radical acceptance and inner peace. 

Self worth is the pursuit of a deep self love that transcends insecurities and doubts.

Sustainable happiness means understanding that long term goals are worth pursuing more than short-lived sensations and reactions.

Each of us is born with a yearning towards inner truth and peace. Each of us confronts his or her emotional void and complexity in order to obtain connective information and direction. This hero’s journey, healing experience, or simply human condition is often stigmatized and limited by the labels of “mental illness”, “social position”, and “intellectual capability”.

Yogic texts state that the increased awareness (consciousness) of thoughts, emotions, impulses, and sensations is well within the common person’s reach if he or she is willing to do the inner engineering work that facilitates expansion and enlightenment.

Soul Threshold is non-exclusive, non-judgmental, non-biased, and non-restrictive. This a sacred space for introspection and healing.

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Become your own healer by learning to view situations objectively, Practicing Radical Compassion, and Forgiving All parties involved

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